Friday, February 5, 2010

Project Day - vintage cushion

Amongst other things, I collect fabric. I have a massive collection and alot of good intentions to use it. My husband is always nagging me to get rid of the bulk of it...but I just can't. Why am I hanging on to things? Why am I collecting more? What void am I trying to fill? Oprah or Dr Phil could tell me. Would I listen though? I think not.

Instead, I am going to use the fabric creatively, starting today. 

Project one, the vintage cushion. I picked these printed items up at a community garage sale. I think they are  guest handtowels, because as placemats they are printed the wrong way.  I looked past them at first, my eye wasn't attuned. On second glance, I was riveted. They have that 'kitsch' quality I am attracted to.

Anyhoo, my taste is usually geometric retro, mid centrury modern,  like my couch  cushions,

but given the blogs I am looking at currently, I would like to mix it up a bit and put a bit of vintage/shabby chic, femaleness into the mix, maybe for my bedroom.  Eclecticize it, if you will. (I think I have just made up a new word) I would also like to add more white to my palette, but baby steps.

After a lot of deliberation and many hours of playing aroung with fabrics I arrived at this.

It looks OK in real life, better than the photo. It passed the ambivilent husband test and my daughter thought it was nice. I am still not sure...xxN

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