Friday, February 26, 2010

Garden inspiration

My favourite inspirational gardening bloke at this point in time, is Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall of River Cottage. Yes, I do think he is inbred and slightly crazy, but he has a passion. Lordy has he a passion!

He holds the most wonderful seasonal fairs at River Cottage, with fabulous bunting strung up all over the place. I just love how everything has been stylised in that English-hand-knitted-woolly-jumper-and-rustic-pottery-sitting-on-the-mantle manner. It reminds me a bit of the 70's in Australia with Bendigo and hippy pottery, but not as daggy.

I am hereto inspired to make some bunting for outside to celebrate the seasons in the vege patch. It might also keep the birds away.  (There I have said it, now I have to do it!)

Monty Don is the pin-up boy of English gardening, a veritable Hugh Grant. He  nearly killed himself recently by being too anal in the upkeep of his gardens. They had to be perfect. He has since stated that he is relaxing his principles and things are allowed to become overgrown.

Ofcourse we can't forget old Jamie Oliver. Although he has a gardener, his kitchen garden is still his vision. My goodness, the walls! The gravel paths! The raised beds!

The Australian equivalent of Hughy is the Gourmet Farmer, Matthew Evans. I haven't been able to see alot of his shows, but from what I have seen, he looks a bit lost and not quite up to his big adventure. Unfortunatley he has no garden to speak of. However, he does a good job of sourcing ethical and sustainable producers, and has inspired me to want to visit Tasmania though, especially during their Food Festival.

Last but not least, there is ME! These are pics of my garden in the November of '09. I have posted them to give you a positive vibe of my garden, as in a few days time I will posting my stats and a current picture, and I am afraid it looks pretty sad and woebegone. But what the hey, that is the beauty of gardening, the different seasons and cycles. xxN

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