Sunday, February 28, 2010

me & m prada

I have had this picture of Miuccia Prada in my head since I saw it last year?
I do believe this is really quite dagy but stylish at the same time. She verges on this look alot of the time, its an awesome mix between classic 1950's and Italian mamma.

I love it and in my quest to emulate m prada I am tossing up weather to sell this skirt (as seen in previous post). Of course I would have to don a corset to rein in my middle age spread for it even to wearable but it could be done. Great thought will be given to this.


  1. Crikeys, it looks like mum and looks like me. By my warped reasoning it means I am chic...NOT! I reckon she looks a complete frump. You are only admiring her courage at walking out like that. If she is stylish, Elizabeth Bennett's mother is a wit.

  2. tsk tsk your harsh
    I thinks she grand



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