Thursday, February 18, 2010

No mind of my own

If a magazine features a product or item I am onto it. I am like a pitbull, focused and ready to pounce on my rounds of the opshops.

This week my obsession is Olivetti typewriters. I have noticed that they are featured in March Real Living and March-April Inside Out. This means they must be trendy, they must be now. This means I must have one!

Just by chance, or was it serendipity, my local Lifeline Distribution Centre had an Olivetti Lettera 32 for sale. It was designed by Marcello Nizzoli in 1963. However I only had 50 cents in my pocket. It was the end of the day. I could beg for them to hold it for me but they have a "no holds policy" and they would know that I coveted it. The price would skyrocket. No, I had to act as cool as a cucumber. I had to play the game.

Next morning,I got my learner driver daughter to drive to the Centre, which opens at 8.00am. She needs to practice both her driving and op-shopping skills. (I can rationalise anything)

Not trying to look too needy we arrived at 8.45am. The shop was deserted. Bob the manager, could smell our desperation. We walked in an attempt to be nonchalant, straight to the typewriter. Why did we do that? I am a veteran, and should have known better. Everyone knows that 'the strategy' is to act disassociated and disinterested. Like the Fonz.

Anyhoo, the style of the typwriter overtook us. We gushed, we squealed, we giggled. At the cash register desk I knew we were goners. We were smiling inanely like we were in love and Bob was like a jackel, sizing us up, ready to pounce.

And then salvation. Bob told us it was broken, that the carriage didn't move. Yes, I had him! Now, I had owned one of these typwriters as a thirteen year old. It was an Olivetti, they were not designed to break. I knew it inside out. A glance told me that the carriage lock was on. But Bob didn't know that.

We got the typwriter cheap and it is in perfect working order. My daughter arrived to school late, (so what if it is her HSC year?) but having learnt valuable life skills. The typwriter is sitting on the dining room table in its cool retro case. I have no idea what I am to do with it, but I have one, just like in the magazines.

Lesson learnt, know your product (fade to The Saints) xxN

Post script: I have just found the exact typwiter for sale here for $325.00!! Crikeys, what a bargain. I am sittting on a gold mine. This can't be a realistic price, surely.


  1. Tell em theyre dreamin at that price

  2. 'act disassociated and disinterested' - that is hilarious!
    I know exactly what you mean - don't literally wet yourself as you casually walk over to the item you have been searching for your whole life!



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