Monday, May 10, 2010

April garden

Yikes! (This is my Trixie Belden impersonation) I forgot all about posting my garden pictures. I use this post as a reference to compare my garden at different times of the year. If you are not interested in gardens...go no further. Unfortunately, I have an awful camera so the pics ae pretty mediocre, and I haven't mown the lawn, and I have been sidetracked makin' stuff and not gardening. (You can tell I am a bit embarrassed by the state of it!)

This is our temporary chicken run. I needed the chooks to get some green in their diets without mucking up my garden beds. We came up with this idea. Not the brightest idea though, as the plastic was left out in the weather and deteriorated quite a bit. It will do for a while at least.

We are so blessed with our weather. This was shot in the afternoon and the greens are vibrant. I have way too much basil, but it is fodder for the bees. I also put the brassicas in too early and they were muched away. A few cold nights will get rid of the insects, but some years are so mild here, we only light a fire for the atmosphere.

I have started harvesting kilos, and I mean kilos, of beans every couple of days. I am planting on a rotating system  and so put four kinds of beans in to add nitrogen to the soil of one garden bed. Ye gods! They are growing in front of my eyes. Summer here means cucumbers, autumn must mean beans.

It's funny, the land where I am growing my vege's used to be a market garden with predominately onions, however, I am really finding it hard to grow them. Maybe they will come on now in the (somewhat) cooler weather. xxNick

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