Monday, May 3, 2010

More bunting, this time with names

I  made this on the weekend for a baby shower. Luckily the future mum had already picked out the name and (obviously) knew the sex.

I used the boys vintage sheet that I found at the oppy last week with the ships, trains and cars on it.  Girls banners will be a whole lot easier than boys, there is just so much floral and pretty fabric around.

It turned out sew well (get it?) that I have decided to make these to order in my etsy shop. I may have a problem because as there is so much labour involved, I will have to price accordingly. Everything is handcut, the letters are handstitched, all the flags are stiffened and fully lined.  I may be making a rod for my own back, but I just can't compromise on the finish. (I supposed that is my ragtrade training) Plus, I fugure there are people out there doing the lower end of the may mean there is a market for this type of bunting? Who knows.

I will wait and see and give it a go. xxNick


  1. These look lovely! Thanks for the good advice on my blog the other day. These look like hard work to make, but worth it.

  2. Wow - what a great idea, vintage sheet bunting! It's great to have you on board with the Vintage Sheet FQ swap, I just need an email address!!

  3. wow i loved this gift i recived you have done such a wonderful job. Thank you so much :D Jodie



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