Friday, May 14, 2010

Most of 'em are finished

My blood blister sent me this tea towel to make into a cushion. It is so adorable! I can imagine it with orange or white pom-poms...or maybe pink, or even green. Then again it would look cute hung on the wall in a frame. So many decisions!

Meanwhile I was up 'til late last night finishing off my market cushions. There are still a couple to go, but they won't take long.

I love anything with a map on it. I think it is wishful thinking, because we never go anywhere. (Boo-hoo!I live in the best country in the world, so why am I complaining!)

But they are not all Australian. This one has vintage Belgian pom-poms on it. I remember my god-parents coming back from a world trip as a small child and bringing back gifts of The Suez Canal scarfs and velvet cushions encrusted with paint and glitter from Sydney. I used to dream of going to far flung places, and although I have travelled a bit, there is still that excitement of a distant land when I see these pillowcases.

However, I think that some people will think they are just crusty, nana and very daggy. I suppose because they are my memories.


I think this is my favourite (or the Tassie one posted yesterday) In real life it is so bright and cheerful. It is very retro feeling and 50's.(My apologies, I seem to take photos when the sun in going down and the shadows are the longest!)

Oh well, back to the sewing machine! xxNick


  1. Nick, your cushions look fantastic strewn all along that bench! Good luck with the markets, I'm sure they'll be a great success.

  2. They all look incredible! I agree with you on the map cushions, they are a little dreamy to snuggle up against & imagine...

  3. Love them all! Hope you have a great time at the markets.

  4. Nic the shell collection books are from the late 50's early - 60's. I collected them too, i'm that vintage. love your blog. great happiness and success to you.



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