Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flea Market Finds - Daggy Picture or Masterpiece for a Stylista

Yawn yawn. I am writing this at 12.30 in the morning so I don't miss out on a posting for Flea Market Finds at Sophies place. Call me desperate, consciencous or plain pig headed, I must and I will complete everything on my list. (I know my spelling is atrocious, but the little grey cells have stopped working)

I am toddling off to my first market today and am a bit concerned. I know that I won't make much, and that it is the wrong kind of market, but I just feel that I have to take that first plunge and get accustomed to the water, so to speak.

Any hoo, what have I found this week? Quite a few little bits and bobs and fabric, but it is late so I will take a pic and go to bed. Please excuse the flash on the picture, it isn't the sun. Oh, by the by, the West German pots are all op shop finds...these are only a small  part of the collection. I put them in to indicate the size of the print.  It is quite soothing. I am not sure if it is totally daggy or has that special edge. It is 1950's with the great white frame.

I also got about five metres of this 60's stretch fabric. It will be good for upholstery and cushions. I have in mind a couple of footstools. Tart them up, and they will look a treat! Well, I'm off to bed now possums. Nighty night xxNick


  1. I actually love the print, it works! That fabric is amazing too, have fun using it.

  2. i lurrrvvvveeee....that fabric, i am obsessed with greeny -aquas. I hope you had a good day at the market xo

  3. I love that picture...does it have a signature? I love all those old white framed prints I have quite a few! Something about them.

  4. I love the print and its frame too - not daggy at all! How did the market go? Hope it was successful.

  5. good pic but the fabric a total winner!!!

  6. Great finds. I hope the market went well and you'll go on to bigger and better things.



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