Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Little Golden Book Banners

I am in the process of making a heap of Little Golden Book Banners/Bunting and am handcutting every flag so that it contains a nicely framed picture. Some of the older illustrations are so beautiful I can't bear to cut them up, even if the book is in dubious condition.I will have to come up with some other way to display them. (Mmm, an idea is bubbling away as we speak)

This lovely pic comes from an original 50's book "Hi Ho! Three in a row". I know it is original because it is marked 2/6.  Text is by Louise Woodcock and charming  illustrations by Eloise Wilkin. On the copyright page they are referred to as Mrs Woodcock and Mrs Wilkin. (just a little feminist comment from moi.) Look how chubby their little legs and cheeks are!

However some pics aren't so charming, dare I say, they can be quite creepy and distrubing. They are from "My little golden book about God" and look like the 'children of the Damned ' or some kind of alien invasion force.

Caption: Just one quick movement and I can break his neck...and then...world domination!

Caption: They will never know I am a robot if I continue to act as an adult.


  1. They are creepy, aren't they? I wonder if their little eyes follow you around the room!

    I just freaked myself out by imagining that they were hiding under my bed!

  2. Oh dear...I'm having recollections of a possessed baby in Pet Cemetary...a movie that made me sleep next to my parents bed on the floor for days (I was 14 too!). LOVE your banners! They are lovely :)

  3. Now that I have three girls of my own I am such a sucker for pictures of three girls. Especially when they look happy and like they are having fun. As for the creepy pic below, maybe you could branch out for the emo crowed and make a creepy range.



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