Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sophisticated Dress aka Sonia McMahon

I got a new dress for my sister today at Lismore Carboot Markets. I wasn't going to go, but the drug of more bargains coudn't keep me away. She likes to see the pressies I get her so you can too.

Covered buttons on the wrists, nice machine embroidered applique detail on the sleeves, high waisted and  interesting shoulders, very much  like the fashionable shoulders at the moment and floor length.

Could almost suggest that it may have had shoulder pads, but that wouldn't be right considering the era. It has a definite 40's feel for something that is late 60's. Maybe it is more 70's, but would they have upgraded the label? So many questions and not enough answers.  Looks lovely on.

While I was there I also booked a stall for the next markets in two weeks time, so I am taking the plunge...finally. xxNick


  1. Great dress and good for you booking that stall! Look forward to hearing about it.

  2. This is great news - will see you there!



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