Thursday, May 13, 2010

My creative space - Orders

I am very busy and very creative this morning. I am finishing off my lovely tea towel cushions for the markets on Sunday. All of them have fabulous fringing or pom poms on them. They look a bit nana, but I hope in a contemporary way. I will show you the finished cushions tomorrrow.

Also, I am sending off my second order to the US today and so have been packing it up, nice and snug. I haven't really organised my visual and graphic design for my label yet, but it will have some of the elements  in the picture.

I got my trusty Olivetti typewriter out and typed the etsy address of the shop and machine sewed it to the header. Would you believe I had to type that address seven times! I am so dependent on computers with the backspace button and spellcheck that my typing has really degenerated. I can remember a time in typing class, all those years ago, that I had to type out a full A4 page with a maximum of 5 mistakes. I am lucky to write a sentence nowadays within those parameters!

I have also been playing around with my market stall during the week. I know, it is a bit daggy and a bit like Playschool, but I was so excited when I finished my bunting! I felt like giving the family monopoly money and we could play pretend markets. I think it came up a treat myself and am pretty chuffed. I have also had a good response with the bunting in our etsy shop, with several enquiries for, would you believe it, weddings!

Pop over to see what other creatives are doing today at Kootoyoo. XXNick


  1. Your stall is looking great! Love your butings & your cushions. Aaahhh, typing class...yes, I remember...why were the typing teachers always! I used to be a little frightened, but i did love the good old fashioned typewriter.

  2. Love the bunting. I had to laugh when you explained that you had to redo that label seven times! stalls looking great.

  3. Your stall looks fabulous...and I am doing the very same thing at the moment. Your bunting is so lovely and congrats on your orders and fabulous feedback. Hope you have a super week :)



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