Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Cab Off the Rank

I got a bit sidetracked with my cushions, as I made some bunting for the markets as samples to enable potential buyers to visualise the finished product. I researched the most popular names, with the shortest turning up as "Noah" and "Ella." So I knocked them up in traditional girly and boy colours.

But I finally finished the first cushion and it is lovely! Long red fringing that you just want to run your fingers through for hours. And wonderful images of the Appple Isle. I have never been there, but sewing up this cushion has put definate plans in my mind. They have lovely olde worlde names like "Cat and Fiddle Square."

I got this stool the last week at the Salvos for the princely sum of $8.50. I thought initially "they were dreamin" but a little voice said "Buy me, buy me!" Ofcourse as soon as I got home, it was hidden in the shed so Sparky couldn't find it.  It is still a bit grimy, but a spit and a polish will bring it up a treat. It is perfect for display, so clicks for Nick!

I hope that people will like them as much as I do...hmm, methinks that I am just remaking my childhood memories. Maybe I am, but in the process I am creating things that make me happy, so it has to put some good energy out there. I think I will call the range, "Nana Cushions."  Sparky told me it had already been done, but I haven't seen any others named that with my own eyes, so it doesn't count. xxNick

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  1. Your cushion is lovely with it's gorgeous red fringe. The buntings look great too, nice work & nothing wrong with re-living our childhood, there were so many beautiful, sweet, tasteful things back then...I say keep the memories alive!



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