Sunday, May 9, 2010

Flea Market Finds - a whole lot of stuff

I've got a variety of stuff to show you this week, but I must be quick as I am running off to The Channon Markets to do a reconoiter.

I found this brilliant fabric a couple of months ago at the oppy. It is a whole bolt of  printed cotton terry towelling. I wouldn't put it in the 60's or 70's the yellow is too maybe the 80's? I wasn't sure what to do with it, but last night I had a fabulous idea for an item to put in my stall next week. So fingers crossed.

Next, a lovely Clarice Cliff serving platter shaped like a pear. (I have put a teaspoon next to it so you can work out it's size.) Unfortunately it has a bit of crackling, but I was thinking of Clarice all the week before I happened upon it, so it was meant to be.

It doesn't look handpainted, more like a decal, but the subject is unique. Bracken ferns, wheat and grasses. Maybe what you would find on the roadside and the hedgerows? I am currently researching this, because although it is stamped Clarice Cliff, it doesn't look like any Clarice Cliff item I have ever seen. Obviously done by the factory after she married. If anyone has any info, could they contact me?

Another piece of crockery, this time from Japan. I don't usually buy Japanese crockery, but this was way gorgeous. So 70's and bright and groovy.

Last but not least. I have always been obsessed with icing and biscuit utensils. I found this biscuit making kit recently and although I will use it, but I love the book with its pictures of shapes and the the metal discs the best. I think it makes the kind of delicate biscuits that ladies nibble at afternoon teas whilst dressed in chiffon and wearing red lipstick.

Pop over to Sophies and see what other treasures that have been found this week. xxNick


  1. Wow you have found some great pieces there! Enjoy the rest of your weekend...

  2. i love the fabric!!! You are right... it is very bright!! have a great week!

  3. oh my fave has to be that retro cake plate..gorgeous!

  4. I LOOOVE that icing/bikkie set! What a brilliant find. Your other finds are lovely too. Hope you have a super week :)

  5. great finds ... i think the fabric is probably 80s and the icing set is brilliant.

    My Flea Market Find

  6. Great finds! You just have to say the words Terry & Towelling and I'm hooked. Who was Terry I wonder? Loving the cake plate, what a great score. Now you'll have to make some fancy biccies or cakes with your new set and have a tea party! xo

  7. Wow!
    You have lots of lovely finds there!
    That set is amazing!

  8. love the cake plate but all are great finds, Well done. xx

  9. OOOOO i love that orange flowered dish...good find!!



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