Sunday, April 25, 2010

Applique fever

In my (foolhardy?) quest to have my own market stall, I have begun to make my banner to mark my place. I wanted it to be eclectic, colourful and crafty, without bowing to a particular style, as I my stall will be re-purposing a wide range of items. (I like the 'g' the best!)

I finished “Collecting” last night and will start on “Feathers” today. I am a bit concerned that it is too busy and not very legible, but I am hoping that it will add to the feel and aesthetics of the stall.

Maybe it is a bit too Tracy Emin, but I will finish it off and live with it for a while and stop being such a perfectionist that I never start or finish anything for fear of failure. xxNick

1 comment:

  1. I haven't stopped by to visit for a while and I missed this post. I love the flags! I use flags for my stall too and string them avove the tables so I can hang my birds from it. Its great to see the flags flapping in the wind and although they don't have spunkee on them, after a couple of markets people recognise them and you see them make a bee line for my stall. I am sure yours will attract people - they look great. Good luck with market prep!



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