Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday, Monday - Anzac Day Holiday

It is not often that I am really happy and content. I try, everyday to achieve that perfect balance, but often if is beyond my reach. Yesterday, however, all the stars were in alignment and I found myself smiling all day. Some of the things that made me happy yeasterday were:

Perfect autum weather. Short sleeves, but not too hot, not too cold. Sun that you could turn your face up to. (and not worry about skin cancer or wrinkles!)

Lorikeets in my birdbath. Up to 15 birds frolicked and fought noisily for about twenty minutes. The picture doen't capture the magical moment and the sheer joy these birds exhibited in dunking themselves. Some were so saturated it was a wonder they could fly. They are so mischieveous and full of character!

Wood being cut ready for winter

My garden. I harvested my first ever swede and broccoli! I have been neglecting the garden lately, but yesterday made me fall in love with it all over again. Planted seeds and seedlings and was basically one with nature. I have different types of basil planted all through the garden. The scent is divine as you brush up against it. I had to be careful of the bees though, we have a new hive and these bees aren't as tame as our last. Also harvested and cooked with the beans, corn, bok choy, chillies.

Crafted, making some vintage bracelets. Not sure of these, but nothing is going to rain on my parade, so I will remain upbeat! xxNick


  1. I love those days! Its amazing when everything aligns and all is good. I am spinning out about your swap partner. What a crazy story. I hope this has stirred some good feelings and you are feeling good about it all. Much love Kate X

  2. Great post! Hope the happy days coninue xo



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