Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fea Market finds - Get me into rehab!

Where do I start?!? Most of this stuff is from last week, but I didn't have time to put it up, simply because I was too excited and overwhelmed. ( I get like that) It is still only a portion of my boooooty from last week. Here are the top ten that come to mind and hand easily. Warning: this is a long post.


Mix master. Not a coloured one, but I am happy with it. I cleaned it with bicarb and vinegar and it came up a treat.

Sparky and I were looking at some in the new antique shop in Carrington Street yesterday, with prices starting at $130 for a white to $280 for a coloured. They seemed a bit steep to me so I thought I would put it "out there" and hopefully something would come up. Twenty minutes later, travelling down to Yamba to a vintage fair we stopped at Woodburn and found this little beauty. Paid $43.75 (we turned our pockets out), with the asking price of $50.00. Bargain...I think? It just goes to show that the gods are looking after me. Please feel free to tell me you have got them for a lot cheaper, I would like to know the range as I just started looking for them.


Although not a real op-shoppy bargain, I have included this fabric as I rarely get any barkcloth or really great retro fabric. This is from the Vintage Fair at Yamba. 


A vintage game called "Super Bob" in its original packaging. It is missing one of its three balls but is still fabulous. I am thinking of hanging it  on the wall as a sculpture. From a garage sale, Lismore.


A little Ellensware pot from the 50's/60's . The makers were from Leura and "appropriated" alot of indgenous art in the years before it was illegal to do so. I think these images were from rock paintings. (Please feel free to correct me as I have just skimmed some web pages) 

I like the pot because it is small, and alot of my collected pottery is medium sized. I needed some diversity in size.  Also, I thought this might be a "little bit" collectable, but having a quick look at the prices on ebay, found that maybe Ellensware's time has yet to come.


In the past I have kept on passing woodblock prints but this time I just couldn't say no. The carving is so intricate. They are sculptures in their own right. I think I will use them in artworks somehow as well.


I can't crotchet, I go all wobbly and loose, but my daughter wanted her room to look more Frankie. This rug looks brand new and hasn't got the "pil factor" that many op shop rugs have. We are painting and decorating  everything white this weekend and have thrown out about two garbage bags full of rubbish. It is amazing what some kids hoard. I threw out easter egg wrappers from the "pretty box" that were 14 years old!


An abacus for a buck. I have a fascination for them


Two small tea pots for fitfty cents each. I know they are white and boring, but they are functional, and it is better thatn paying ten bucks each.


A cheery 70's cake container.


Billiard balls for my sis. Not a complete set, but they are really aged and look full of character. Every one has faded to its own unique rose colour. She can put them in a bowl or something. (Very blurry, I am sorry about the crappy photo, the camera is on the way out)

And there you have it duckies, only some of the stuff I have acrued throughout the week. Sorry to make it so long, but this blog is also a means for my sister and I to communicate. I think I will have to learn how to do the spiffy Flickr photo collages that Sophie does so well.

Pop over to Sophie's at My Library Adventures to see the treasures that everyone else has managed to find this week. xxNick


  1. Overwhelming is an understatement! LOVE the 'Super Bob' & the packaging! Gorgeous rug, mixmaster -'re on fire with all that gear! By the way your heading made me laugh, I was wondering myself whether I might have a 'little problem' of the slightly obsessively thrifty kind...

  2. What a bonanza of goodies! Great finds. I too am a sucker for mixmasters - I'm positive you have acquired a real bargain here. You still had the nous to beat the $50 price tag. Well done!

  3. OMG
    I LOVE THAT RETRO FABRIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wow, love the mixmaster and YES a Bargin, The fabric is fabulous.
    The balls look great, I love their worn colour, Well done
    Happy Easter
    Melissa x

  5. Wow, you have been op shopping like crazy it seems. Great finds. Love the fabric and the mixmaster, and the wooden abacus. xo

  6. OH WOW - firstly if you find that place I need to get there too ;)) Your finds are sensational, totally fabulous, WOW isn't enough. Love your post ;))

  7. What an eclectic mix! Great finds. You're lucky I didn't see some of those first.

  8. Oh my - my heart went pitter-pat at trble time when I spied that fabric! I am actually too overwhelmed to comment on the mix master as I am dead jealous ...
    Clearly the op-shop Gods have been smiling upon you!

  9. oh my goodness did you live at the op shop this week! :)

  10. OH My! You officially get the Finds Queen title this week! Amazing! Everything is just gorgeous! Well done.
    Sophie x



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