Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bad bags

I know they are helping save the world, by by crikey I hate, I repeat hate, (said with venomous disregard) the green, red and every colour bags that are supposed to be used for the weekly shop. Imagine my dismay when HSC girl decided that it was uncool to carry a back pack and resorted to slinging a green Woolworths bag over her shoulder. "Everyone uses them." I was informed. Well not my daughter, and not on my post! The indignity.

I quickly cut up the offending article and used it as a pattern for this bag. I am in the process of making a few, just because I have so much fabric that I have to get rid of. I put a little red kiss in the corner and three kisses on the handle, cos I love her, but I have noticed that the bag is always turned around so that these little embellishments don't show. Hmph, maybe uncool. xxNick


  1. Kids hey! I'm with you on the rainbow coloured bags. Our local superbarn at least has black! Love what you've made, kisses 'n all.

  2. That's a cool bag. I'd show the kisses off but I guess teenage girls have a different definition of "cool". And I agree with you re the hideousness of the other bags. xo

  3. I love the bag you made I think it is very cool...You should show your daughter what I do with recycled "Green" Bags she might think they are cool a lot of girls do hehehe

  4. Well, I think it's cool! And I totally feel you on the kids these days, I thought it was just my child that thought slinging those ugly bags around was cool, what is up with that??!



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