Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My place & yours - Entry

I am playing My Place and Yours at Hello Owl today with the theme being "What do you see when you walk through your front door?"

Art plays a big part of my life and examples of my work is scattered throughout the house. These are a couple of artworks I did whilst at uni. They are just a few of feet inside the front door. Putting them together like this I realise how very different they are. One is organic and representational, the other is manufactured and abstract. One is heart, the other mind, and although they are so different, they somehow compliment each other.

The wasp nest is situated just above the light switch, so at night it is usually the first thing you see. I would love to continue to make these as wall vases or lights. This work was a response to some self motivated therapy I did, and addresses issues such as maternal love, home, security, get the drift. Also, we live in a mudbrick house and we have hundred of wasps nests!

This piece is quite confrontational to me, but I leave it there to remind me of the 'issue's' I feel I still have to deal with.

The second piece is completely different and is called 'Fancy'. We don't have a garage or storage, and I have found that I have to integrate my artworks into the decor of the house. This was part of my grad show exhibition and addresses "space" (please say with a lisp and with hands gesturing upwards) It also talks about the function of art as opposed to decoration, interior decor, art and function. Yadda, yadda, yadda. I always vowed that it was not a piece of furniture, so I would not place anything on it, yet I almost immediately put these retro teak wooden bowls on it!

I love looking at the colours! They are good enough to eat. This piece makes me feel happy and excited.

 This was a great little exercise for me to do. Thank-you Hello Owl. I feel my mojo graddually seeping back. xxNick

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  1. I think the nicest thing about any home is how good it makes you feel and how much if reflects its owner .. and I can tell you much you love yours.

    My Place



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