Monday, April 12, 2010

Garlands galore!

I have been slowly getting my creative mojo back and am very excited and pleased with myself. This weekend in between painting CJ's room, (white, white & white) I managed to fit in some time to begin making garlands.

Of course they are made from repurposed materials, an old Golden Book and a very old copy of Tom Brown's School Days which has that lovely thick, cream paper and tiny type. There are four different types of embossed flowers which are all handcut. Such fun!

CJ (17),  came home from a sleepover and was very excited about them (repeating over and over agin, "Pretty, so pretty!") so we experimented with some styling together. One thing is for sure, this room will not look so 'chi chi' once all of her 'stuff' is packed into it! However, on the other hand, she is determined to make her room look more "Frankie", so maybe a miracle will happen.

I also found time to organise our Etsy shop this weekend. I seem to be on a real roll! It is up and running, with garlands to be put in as soon as I complete some more.  xxNick

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