Sunday, April 18, 2010


I spent the whole of Friday redecorating. I use the term loosely as I once read a self help book for those ladies who being newly wed, were a bit out of their depth with their home duties.

When asked on the main tips to redecorate a house, Helpful Hannah gave the following advice:

The best way to redecorate is to pick up a broom and sweep, sweep, sweep!

Or in my case, Dyson, Dyson, Dyson! I spent two and half hours of my life vacuuming. Don't get me wrong, I love living in the country, but, I am so sick and tired of the spiders and the dust.

 And now the weekend is over, the place is filthy again and a new lot of spiders have moved in. If only the screens could work as effectively as  the barbed wire does and keep everything out! xxNick

vintage barbed wire

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  1. that barbed wire, very dramatic; i love the silhouet though...
    coming back to your remark about the continental feel of our finds... does it? i have wondered about the 'opshop'; i gathered they are second hand shops? what does 'op' mean?
    here in belgium, we have thrift shops, lately run by government programs (yes, weird, no?), which means that the thrift character has turned into employment schemes. which is all very fine, but the 'find' has left the business.
    we now turn to street brocante (garage sales are not very popular around here. as yet).
    having said that? i'd love to come and wander in an opshop.... :))
    thanks for visiting!



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