Sunday, April 25, 2010

Flea Market Finds - The well is dry

Well, not dry, but low. Maybe as winter is closing in, people are doing fun things like op-shopping and garage saling, father than un-fun things like going to the beach. Who knows. Yesterday, in the hope of hitting the "Mother Load" I organised Sparky to be map reader and we set off to hit the garage sales. We may have been a little late, (8.00am) but I did not find ONE thing that was worth  parting one cent. Not one! Not even a token purchase, the kind you  usually give to an op-shop the week later. Nada, nil, nothing!

I need the finders thrill! That adrenilin rush that you get when you know, deep in your authentic core, that you have found a bargain! I think I would sell my first born at the moment to get that thrill.

Anyhoo, I did find a few things during the week. In the gambling spirit of Anzac Day, this vintage board game, Totopoly. Some horses are missing but I love the bits and pieces inside. I might use them in artworks.

Am I turning into a Nana? This brilliant Aussie gumleaf and wattle needlepoint cushion was got for the princely sum of fifty cents. I love it. Sparky hates it.

But compare it to my other cushions in the lounge.

Is it downhill from here? Should I get all of my teeth extracted for the clack, clack, clacking of perfect porcelain dentures?

Last but not least, the towels. Not very exciting I know, but the local linen supplier has given Lifeline a truckload of them. Four for ten bucks. Very good quality, and heavier than mine at home, basically hotel towels. No stains, very white...but...Sparky won't even look at them. They don't exist in his universe. They are "dead people's stuff" and I should throw them out. Am I being too scabby? My argument is that if we went to a hotel, he would use them, so why not at home.

What does everyone else think? Have I gone too far in my bargain quest?

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  1. as long as there's no smell of moth balls..there's no disguising it & it's very hard to wash out it..then it's ok to come home with me. some people have a problem with other people's old stuff, not me!

  2. Half the time I don't tell hubby and he wouldn't know the difference. I think you scored well. Sending goosebump giving, pace quickening, breath taking away finds your way for the coming week :)

  3. I say use the towels! I quiet like the wattle needle point too

  4. The cusion is great! I think things from nana's day are seriously under rated!

  5. Those towels are amazing!
    Very great find!

  6. No! Definately use the towels, I use opshopped sheets, towels, and other bits of manchester all the time! Great finds

  7. they just don't have the eye for it. we women do! Well thats what I keep saying anyway.

    lol - this post made me chuckle, as it's so similar to my boy and I. He's not a fan of 2nd hand wares. especially not he doiley-eque type. Funnily enough he doesnt complain too much. Luckily he has no decorating sense himself - so it's all up to me. lol

  8. huh sparky that's my man's name!!!!!!
    and imagine how could you not love the cushion's you have i reckon that if it catches your eye and not your nose (phew) then it's in the bag!!!!!!!

    if you have time?!?!?!?!

  9. seriously? winter is approaching? whoaaa... i can't imagine that, as we're starting on summer... amazing, and thought provoking.
    and i love the needlework find, by the way.
    (and i also think you can never go to far - and if ever you did... well, then you put it back in the recycling chain, no?)
    great towels.

  10. Oh well, let Sparky use the old scratchy ones and save these for yourself! Better they are used than taking up space in a landfill I say! The game looks like fun - have you tried to play it? I think you were channeling some Anzac spirit when you bought the wattle cushion - release you inner Nanna and embrace her!



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