Thursday, April 29, 2010

My creative space - Repurposed bracelets

Crikeys, in my concentration to update my Etsy shop I forgot about my creative space. By the by, I also forgot about the kettle on the stove...until the fire alarm went off. I nearly had a coronary!

This week I have been making more jewellery from old doilies. Some of my others are in the Etsy shop I have just updated. Photos aren't the best, but I have a super crappy camera, and anything is better than nothing.

I have named this range (I might as well think big!) "The Ugly Duckling," in homage to the book I found the other week. I found when I was trying to photograph these that it gave the right 'feel' to the bracelets. They spoke to each other. Photos are a bit blurred, and crooked. they were my trial ones. I will update them at a later date. In reality, I thought today was Wednesday!

I am really enjoying making all of these. I use felt circles as a base under the vintage doily blossoms and then add glass beads, buttons, press studs, eyelets...anything that I can find. My main aim is still to orgainise a market stall. I am slowly getting there. Baby steps.
Pop over to see the other creative spacers at Kootoyoo xxNick


  1. Super cute bracelets! I love the range name too. Happy Creative Thursday! xo

  2. They are lovely...and thename is gorgeous! Hope you have a happy and sunny weekend :)

  3. Sweet bracelets - I like the green one.

  4. I'm with Cindy...I like the green one too.



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