Monday, March 29, 2010

Everythings coming up pineapples

Have you ever experienced a time when a particular object is more prevalent in your life? I am not sure if it is because they become fashionable, or if you choose to see them, or actively seek them out. Well, everywhere I look lately are pineapples. Have you met Miss Jones is doing them. Apparently this is a container pineapple.

Anyhoo, I found another pineapple tea towel in subtlely different colours and have been busy making up some more bunting.

Thinking out loud: I am a bit concerned though, as I have fully lined them with gingham and as a result they are very time consuming to make. I could overlock the edges but that might look a bit daggy and I wanted them to be double-sided  for outside. If I left them the linen will certainly fray.

I would welcome any feedback. Would you be prepared to pay extra and get a superior product, or pay less knowing the product will be thrown out within a year? And saying that I think I have answered my own question. I treasure the old fabric too much for somebody to throw it out...but if anyone cares about my mental health, please feel free to comment.   xxNick


  1. I care for your mental health so if I loved something enough I would buy it even if the price was something I would not usually consider. These look really good. I would buy these for you as a present if you hadnt made them.

  2. I usually take the easy way out when I want to line the other side of things without all the fuss of sewing the lining on. I use iron on webbing (vlisofix(?)), which you iron to the back of one piece, peel off paper, then iron the first piece of fabric onto the back of second piece. If down properly, it should last for quite a while. If you wanted to make for sure, then you could do a very neat zig-zag around the edges. Hope this helps. :0

  3. sorry p.s. Love the bunting and the idea of using vintage tea towels. Well done. :)



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