Friday, March 5, 2010

My creative space - Vintage Hair Clips

I feel that I have been on a roll today. After dropping my daughter off for an Art trip to Canberra I came home and began making some hair clips for a surprise on her return. She loves putting little bits and pieces in her hair, like a slightly less crazed Helen Bonham-Carter.

I picked up these doilies in my travels, with the intention of making brooches or hair clips. I don't think I can touch the daffodil one below though, it is a classic.

I covered some small buttons with fabrics with small designs and attached them to the crocheted flowers and pins.

The before I knew it I had organised to stock them on my sisters vintage stall next I had to make some packaging didn't I? I used my new typewriter and some stamps I got for  Christmas.

Ta da, what a great time I had making these, it was like playing Barbies. They are perfect for little boho chicks like my Clancie Jane.

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  1. Very sweet! And I love the cards you have featured them on!
    Sophie x

  2. I LOVE the daffodils. Make the'll be worth it.

  3. Oh wow, I love these clips. And the whole process, it sounds so fun and I bet your daughter will love them. You're a nice mum aren't you?!! As for that daffodil doily, what a score x

  4. Oh aren't they gorgeous!! I'm with Kirsty on the daffodils, unless you have a certain spot in mind for the doily.



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