Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My place and yours - Collections

This is my newest collection. I won't bother with all the rest of my collections, because I would be here for weeks!
I started off with one bowl, which I have had for years, and yesterday got two more from the newly opened antique shop in Carrington Street, Lismore. There are two fruit bowls and a tray (middle) made from woven plastic in the sixties, but they look more effective hanging on the wall.
In real life the colours are more vibrant and the sizes different. I think they will pack a punch when I get around to putting them on the wall this weekend. (another item for my "to do" list)
Pop over to Hello Owl and see what everyone else have in their collections. xxNick


  1. At first, they looked like colorful umbrellas. But bowls are not bad either. And more useful! :)

  2. Fabulous! Love them, hope we see your other collections one day ;))

  3. i don't recall these at all ... we had the chairs but not these and they look great. good tings to collect.

  4. They look almost tribal, very cool.

  5. I thought they were umbrellas too! Love the colours in the top one, Nick :)

  6. These would look really neat on a wall.



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