Monday, March 15, 2010

Op shop finds - Pressies for everyone

I spent a whole day in Lismore this week doing tha trawl. Very exhausting. This is only a small bit of what I discovered.
For my daughter

I got this cute manicure set from the 50's and little china egg cup. Since we gave  her a subscription to Frankie, she has wanted to start collecting cutey pie ceramic pieces, but they have to hit the right note. This will start her off.
For my sister

More plastic covered coathangers. There is a conspiracy out there concerening old ladies, their power trip and op shop politics. Lou knows about it. I know about it, but if I tell you, you'll think I am crazy.
For me

I picked up this book, "A time for Flowers" by Berin Spiro. It is very smelly but what interested me the most was one, the use of Bitossi objects and vases for the flowers. Nowadays a Bitossi vase is used as a sculptural object, rather than an actual vessel.

Secondly, the pictures are so awful, with their rotting bananas and unsaturated colour, that they are good. I am thinking of putting the colour plates into frames. I can see them hanging them above my Parker sideboard. Very chi chi

(I thought I'd throw in a pic of my existing Bitossi collection, all discovered in op shops, mostly by my fabulous blood blister) Even though they are all hand thrown and of excellent quality, I would never consider putting water into them.
Oooh, nearly forgot, I am playing with Sophie today. Pop over and see everyone elses treasure finds.  xxNick


  1. That blue is an amazing colour! I love a good conspiracy theory so if you ever want to share ...(promise not to call you crazy!)
    Frankie has done alot for stirring up youthful interest in vintage goodies - I'm sure your daughter will be tickled pink with her gifts!

  2. WOW you've certainly got a keen eye! that manicure set & china egg cup are adorable! i love those kitschy coathangers.
    As for your Bitossi collection..i am in AWE!

  3. oooh - you've sparked my interest with the coathangers conspiracy - do tell! Nice findss too!

  4. Great finds! Love the blue in your collection there & I love that they are all coming from op shops over time, fabulous!

  5. Fabulous finds, isn't it great when you can find something for everyone! Love the blue collection, so pretty!
    Sophie x

  6. Lovely finds and I won't think you're crazy with your story. There's some interesting characters in op shops ... I have some doozie stories we could swap that many wouldn't believe ;) For me I realise now how it all adds to the fun of the hunt ;)



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