Sunday, March 28, 2010

Op shop finds - Little wooden Hercule Poirot

 It is Sunday which means I am playing with Sopie at Her Library Adventures. Pop over and see the treasures of the week. Now, just in time for Easter!

I was purusing the net the other day and found a great site Happy Loves Rosie. It is run by a woman called Happy who obviously is very passionate about her aesthetics, and whilst not exactly to my taste, I like her joy for life.

She had these little egg cups  featured which I had never seen before. Hmm, thinks I. They are cute. I will keep my eye out for some such as these. I then added to my op-shop list, "Noddy egg cups"

Now remember, I had never in my life seen egg cups such as these. On Tuesday I did as my sis advised and expected nothing as I entered each op shop, and lo and behold, this little fella popped into view. (Woo-oo-oo-oo, something is in the ether!)

He is not a Noddy character, but he is wooden and careworn and absoulutely gorgeous, and looks a bit Hercule Poirotish.  xxNick


  1. you're right ... he's totally cute. happy exploring.

  2. Great egg cup, I have only seen them in plastic, never wooden. Nice little find...

  3. I've never seen them before either, but they are very sweet! Lucky find! :)

  4. Wonderful edition and great timing to whack a chocky easter egg in it. Or, if you want to spoil yourself, check out the Nantucket Mermaid blog and go crazy!

  5. I love him and the fact he has been around and enjoyed life. A great find!

  6. I just got goosebumps! How lucky was that!



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