Sunday, March 7, 2010

Op Shop Finds - The games we play

Ever since seeing the artice "Carnival Atmosphere" in Sept/Oct InsideOut I have been wanting to get some retro board games to frame.

This week I got lucky. This is called Krazy Maze. It came with no instuctions or box, only the board, which is OK by me, but is driving Sparky crazy. (Aside: He doesn't like Sparky anymore, he wants to be Putty or Jeff, but I told him that Sparky is sticking)

I had a quick look on Google for info on the game and it came up with nada. However, I was watching the Collectors tonight and they mentioned that Quentin Tarantino collects board games. Maybe there is a forum out there where geeks from around the world discuss the rules of old games. (As I speak, I have just found such a forum, called, you guessed it, Boardgame Geek.)  I feel a fetish coming on.

 I also got other retro kids games. A Fuzzy Felt, word games, a great retro memory game with wonderful graphical pics, (above) and some of old sewing boards, the kind with perforated holes that help kids to learn manual dexterity. I am going to use them to construct some artwork...little steps Nick, little steps.

Pop over to Her Library Adventures  for more finds.  xxN


  1. I love the idea of framing old board games! Thanks for sharing.

  2. i haven't seen this fetish before (the framing old board games fetish not the collecting of said games) and i love it. it would look amazing and the one you found is fab.

  3. I've never seen this done before, what a wonderful idea.

  4. Oh they look fabulous! What a wonderful find and brilliant idea!
    Sophie x



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