Monday, March 8, 2010

February Vege Garden stats

I have been putting this off as my garden is in an horrendous state. Summer is tradionally an awful time to grow veges up here in the Northern Rivers. Most people tend to give the ground a rest, so I was lucky to get what I did out of it. But I wanted to have this blog as a record keeping tool so that I can compare in the future. So what you see is the unstylised, unmown truth of my vege garden. If you are not interested in gardens, please move on and leave me to my shame.

But first, here is a picture of my pretty Angelina's that have gone beserk and look lovely and cottagey. The old water tank was put in the orchard as a has holes in it, but looks nice and rustic. (I thought I would put that one in first to detract from the horrors of the next pic)

  • Watermelon 13 But most were either over or under ripe and went to chooks.
  • Zucchini 5 Too much moisture, they all rotted.
  • Cucumber 44 I pulled 4 plants out and still got more than we could eat.
  • Lettuce 3
  • Eggplant 15 These were growing great guns and then got nematodes.
  • Chilli 53  Pickled
  • Potato 6 Left overs from winter.
  • Tomatoes 18 large 2 kg cherry These were a sad failure. I had nematodes, fungus, parrots, possums, storms. Very sad.
  • Corn 4 The storm destroyed all the corn.
  • Eggs 103 The chooks were the real winners of the summer of spoiled fruit and weeds!

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  1. we also had the worst vegetable growing summer on record ...fungus in the zucchini, insects on the tomatoes and eggplant ... only a small crop of potatoes and the herbs did reasonably well. and it wasn't as hot as last year so i had great hopes. still it's good the chickens did so well ... more tasty organic eggs for you



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