Monday, March 22, 2010

Flea Market Finds - Kathie Winkle rules OK

Not much of a haul this week, except for some table cloths, doilies and tea-towels and kids books which I won’t bother to put up.

However, I did get this complete eight setting Kathie Winkle dinner set two weeks ago, from an op shop, but at a price that wasn’t necessarily a bargain. (Although time will tell. I am sure I am sitting on a goldmine) The problem was that I didn’t want my husband to see it, so I left it in the car. So far so good. Out of sight, out of mind.

Calypso mon.

Then, when I got my groceries out, I thought that I should bring it inside as it might get broken. (We live in the country on a dirt road) I stood with the very heavy carton of crockery, just outside the front door, feverishly looking around and thinking, “Where shall I put it, where shall I hide it!”

The answer came immediately…hide it in plain sight, just like Agatha Christie! So I placed the box, near the shoes and for seven days our household walked around it and nobody said a word. Not one single word…until yesterday when Sparky discovered it.

He accused me of keeping secrets from him. Now, I ask. How can something be a secret when it is hidden in plain sight? I am sure if a blind man would have tripped over the box, it doesn’t mean he can see? If the man with sight choses not to see does that make him blind? By this reasoning, I am not keeping secrets by being cunning and devious; Sparky has an unfortunate vision impairment. I am sure you all get my drift.

Pop over to Sopie at Her library Adventures to see what everyone else has discovered this week.

 Until next week, my fellow trawlers. xxNick


  1. hehehe! Sounds like something I would do! I have also been known to just put it all in the cupboard and not say anything, I've got away with that one a couple of times now!

    Very nice setting :)

  2. Hi Nick - great post and pics.
    Yes I too have smuggled KW pieces into the existing collection. But you know, too much is never enough... x

  3. ah that made me chuckle to myself...does your husband roll his eyes when you bring more things home like mine does! :)

  4. I like your style!! Nice set too.

  5. What a gorgeous post!
    Love the set - you did right there!!

  6. hiding in plain is a good philosophy ... i hope it does turn out to be a gold mine because it's a very cute dinner service

  7. WOW what a treasure..great find!

  8. Brilliant find! I had a little chauckly as I read your post...'New? What do you mean, it's been here forever!'

  9. SORRY! That's 'chuckle' fighting me for computer time...

  10. Great post, great trick, and great great cups!

  11. What a great Find. Perfect Post! Hugs, Diane

  12. What a gorgeous pattern! Love the colours too! Thanks so much for playing along.
    Sophie x



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