Friday, March 12, 2010

My creative space - Pin cushions

At the recent Vintage Fair I went to, I saw some pincushions made from vintage fabric and realised that I have been sewing all of my life without a pincushion. And they are a lot of years people! No wonder there are always pins on the floor after I finish sewing. Funny, I never made the connection.

I am not sure of the need for unique pin cushions in this mass produced world. Surely anyone into handmade stuff will have made their own already.  But then I reasoned, although I have been into handmade stuff forever, I have also been working 24/7 and was happy to buy things that I didn't have time to make.

Which brings me to my pincushions. I wanted to contribute to my sisters Vintage Stall on the weekend and so set about making something I needed at the time. They can also be used for brooches (she said desperately trying to add function and credibillity to the objects)...hat pins, steak knives, stiletto's.
These are the final versions.  All have vintage buttons and the fabric is new and vintage. Next week, Needle Books.

I'm playing along with the My Creative Space meme today. Visit Kirsty's at Kootoyoo for more creativity.xx Nick


  1. I love how you stamped "pins" on the side. Also love the prints. I have some of that exact fabric stashed away.

  2. They look fab - don't know how you have lived without a pin cushion!

  3. These look terrific.

    I do have quite a lot of pincushions but my pins usually end up in an untidy pile beside the machine & then wind up on the floor too.

  4. They look great. My pins end up all over the place too, and I have pin cushions!

    Enjoy them :)

  5. Such gorgeous fabrics they should sell like hotcakes!! Hmmm, you have me thinking I don't have a pincushion either...



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