Friday, March 26, 2010

My creative space - More tea towel repurposing

I have been busy making cushions during the last couple of days with the goal to either set up a stall at one of the markets, or to sell on Etsy, in my little workspace in the spare room. I got that machine 28 years ago, and it is still chugging along.

Ofcouse they are made out of vintage teatowels, what else. I just love the fabric, 100% linen made in Poland or Czechoslovakia. They are made overseas but the graphics are true blue Australian, which I like. Although alot of the British design stuff is fabulous, (such as Union Jack pillows, posters with slogans on them, etc.) it is still British, and I like to retain a bit of Aussie pride and identity. Also using them means that every piece is unique.

However, some of them can be quite offensive, and so I have had to cut them up as banners to remove all meaning. One had the "10 Commandments for living in Queensland."
  • No 1. was "Learn Japanese".
  • No 2. was "Give up all native lands."
It is amazing what they could get away with, and not too long ago.

Enough of my spiel, I made these two cushions that featured cutey pie cartoon animals. (Not really Aussie but they were good to start. People usually buy stuff for their children.) They are edged with fringing, just like the cushions of my childhood. My daughter and I were quite excited by them, thinking they were rather "Frankie". Sparky on the other hand, put a bit of a damper on my enthusiasm, and was visually repulsed. "They look like the Jesus cushions we used to have as kids!" Crikey! Jesus cushions! And the look on his face!

This is the cushion I made this morning. It is quite conservative, and features wildflowers of Australia. Not really retro, but reminds me of  Margaret Preston lino prints. It is very pretty with the natural linen as a background. All have a backing of red and white stripe cotton, to snazz them up, and to give that kind of show/carnival/souvenier feel.

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  1. WOW i LOVE your repurposed cushions..what a FAB idea!!

  2. fantastic space ... i love your old machine from 28 years ago. my dh bought me my machine 24 years ago and there's nothing wrong with it and i figure it may even outlive me.

  3. Your cushions have come up beautifully.

  4. Your cushions are great, love the fringes!

  5. Great cushions (very Frankie indeed!) and I laughed out loud at Sparky's comments. My kids are my biggest critics too. :o)

  6. LOL sorry about mixing up your husband with your children! I know what you mean about them wanting to stay out of the mix. I have one of those too. :o)

  7. Love the re=purpose - Your cushions look great... not Jesusy at all!

  8. It is indeed a great thing to do with tea towels.
    lol. I've just found (this) your Creative Space post, after I left my comment about mine in another post! oops!
    Love the cushion you've placed on your bed NIck. It fits in so well with the colours there.



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