Saturday, March 13, 2010

Repurposed Retro - Tea Towels

I love anything retro and am still obsessed with the creativity that many makers show in utilising objects with minimal worth and function, and creating something with a completely different function. I just realised whilst I was researching these photos that this is called  "Upcycled" and "Repurposed" as opposed to "Recycled," which must be something different altogether. Geez, I can really be slow on the uptake. Very Forrest Gump. I have been doing this for years. I live in a mudbrick house! I was born to repurpose! My purpose is to repurpose! (I think I should stop now, I've watched too many Seinfeld reruns)

Anyhoo, many of you would have seen these images before, as they are older, but please bear with me, I am new to blogging. By putting all of this stuff out there, I am organising information in my befuddled brain and trying to come out with something creative of my own...basically journalling. Because of the plethora of images, it looks as if I will have to do it in installments. So here goes.

Firstly, Suzie Stanford. I can't not help but put a heap of photos up as these items are so fabulous. I have been trying to think of how to cover a couple of awful brown pouffes in my lounge room lately, and now I think I have the answer.

Next Miss Pen Pen. She does wonderful cushions and  banners.

And now to clothing. Mostly I have found aprons and bags, but the Bettyoatmeal etsy site really has some stylish products.

I saw these little bags and wallets in Brisbane at the BrisStyle markets before Christmas. They have stuck in my mind, particularly the buttons carved from pieces of wood. Very tactile.

To deviate a bit to tablecloths, these adorable baby booties from Lark

And this gorgeous Baby Bushka  doll/rattle made from designer fabric cast offs, vintage tea towels and op shop finds from Morgan Wills.

Well that seems to be all folks. If you have any other georgous images you would like to share that use tea towels, please link with me. I am always open to some inspiration to get my bum into gear.

And to finish with chairs, this time grain sacks, but from the sounds of it, Americans used grain sacks for everything in their lives, so it is a token tea towel. Pic from Poetic Home

Stay tuned for my next Repurposed Retro next week. xxNick

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  1. LOVE! Great blog. I wonder if Suzie Stanford ever did the Rose St Market as a stall neighbour there for a while had some wonderful tea towel furniture. ;o)



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