Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tea towel pincushions

I finished these about three weeks ago when I suddenly realised that I had never owned a pin cushion. They are made from a vintage cotton teatowel from 1979. Every cushion features an Australian animal with a green glass bead instead of a button.

To make them stand out a bit I used some vintage soft, soft, suede on the bottom,  which I have hoarded since working in the rag trade, all those years ago. I think from memory it was deer, but I could be completely wrong. It adds a bit of friction to the pincushion so that it doesn't slide everywhere and also stops the needles from pricking through the bottom. Plus it is animal hide and the pincushions are about animals...get it?

But here is the problem, although I researched and researched, I couldn't find any images of pincushions made from tea towels on the net.  However, today I found an example on Lark by Lottielulu. Ofcourse it was from last year. (I am always behind the tee, but then last year I was working my guts out in a job I hated, and didn't have time to look at the net, go to markets and oppies or even look at a magazine.)

Oh well, that's postmodernism for you. xxNick



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