Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I've been noticing on most blogs or articles, that the husband/partner/wife usually has a 'hook' when they are being written about. Look around you, Mr ABC.., she who must be obeyed, the old man, the mister, the old fella, the silly old coot, the other half, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

I was racking my brains on the title for my husband that would sit well within the flow of my prose. I needed something light and elegant. I didn't need to worry, he had already pre-thunk me. His new reference is now "Sparky." The reasons are threefold.

He is a Sparky, or in laymans terms an electrican. So this is the truth.
(This by the way is not a picture of my husband, but of an actor who seems to have been hired to look quizzically at an absoulute jumble of wires that have been fashioned by a stylist)
Two of his favourite movies are  National Lampoon European Vacation and National LampoonsChristmas. He thinks Chevy Chase is very funny. The wife on the movies calls the husband Sparky.  As my husband thinks he is himself very funny and that he also has a wife, his nickname should thus be Sparky. This is a dream.
(I don't call my husband Sparky, but maybe he wants me to?)
A band called Teenage Fanclub wrote a song called Sparky's Dream. As my husband is a Sparky, and his favourite movies contain a lead character nicknamed Sparky, plus the fact that he loves Teenage Fanclub,  equates  to the fact that this is his song. This is a fantasy.

And so you have it, the convoluted thought processes of my husband, who will hereto be referred to as "Sparky" in future posts. xxN

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  1. ahh ok.....
    i see now :)

    my man say's he is called sparky by friend's and family because of Spartacus you know the 300!!!!! i reckon he is just some times bad tempered!!!!! an i call him phew anyways as he has smelly feet!!!!!!
    speak to you soon!!



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