Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Re-purposed tea cups

Continuing on my quest for wonderfully imaginative repurposed objects to free and give inspiration to my own clogged creativity. As I researched I realised that this kind of list has already been done, as always, but as this is my journey, what the hey! It is all food for thought.

Turn tea-cups into lights. Who would have thunk it. The wonderfully talented Suzie Stanford, thats who.  

Decor8 posted this teacup chandelier, or tea lights.

Tea-cup pincushions. There are heaps of different types out there but nothing beats Mimi Kirchner and her fantastic tiny worlds in a tea cup. Each world has a different theme.

Tea-cup candles from here and all over the place.

Tea cup bird feeder from here and a tea cup vase from here

But I think the winner are these georgeous butteflies made from tea cup saucers. I think I first saw them a few years ago in Fleur Wood, Strand Arcade, Sydney, and was blown away by their beauty and inventiveness. Cindy-LeeDavies makes them and sells from a shop called called Lightly.  xx Nick

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  1. Love the post! I found the link on a blog post of Betty Jo's. Gotta love repurposed stuff!!



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