Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Have You Met Miss Jones

Now we leave the grunge of my youth behind to concentrate on  the purity of my middle years. I had another look on Have You Met Miss Jones today as there was a ceramic pineapple featured in the new Real Living that piqued my interest.

Such gorgeous stuff, and pretty affordable, not that I would buy anything 'cos I am a thrifty Miss, who counts her pennies. (Actually, this couldn't be further from the truth, get me near an op-shop and you might as well take possession of my wallet! My sister warned me today, and sister, I head your warning. Your advice was like a wake up call, a little intervention. Do they have an Op-Shoppers Anonymous I wonder? I think I will take the pledge not to go near an Oppy, garage sale or auction for a week. As god is my witness.)

Anyway I have got off the subject which was Have You Met Miss Jones. Have a look at these beautious objects.

Aren't they great pics! I did similar things at uni, so why oh why can't I get my act together and make stuff now? Where is my mojo? I suppose it comes down to that special gene that drives people to create. I will just keep on plodding along. Little steps. xxNick


  1. I love love love the bottom picture! So perfect for my loungeroom.

  2. I hear you on the op shop front, seriously addicted over here! Some great pics there, I must pop over to take a look...



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