Thursday, March 18, 2010

My creative space - Re-purpose frenzy

I have been frantically re-purposing vintage tea towels this week. I just can't get enough of them! My latest craze is bunting. This length was made from a Queensland pineapple tea towel.

I have lined these with green gingham so that they are very robust and the linen of the tea towels doesn't fray in the wind or the wash.

To get an idea of  the size, here is a pic of it on the wall. Please note the gorgeous pineapple we got from Byron Food Markets today. (my daughter just had to put it in.) One day we will get around to going up to IKEA and getting some shelving...until then the books can pile on the floor. xxNick

 I am playing over at Kootoyoo today so pop over and see other creative people. xxNick


  1. i love bunting too ... and i'm dying to make some. nice repurpose of a tea towel.

  2. Love the vibrant colours in this bunting. I've got 'to make a bunting' on my to-do list in the next few weeks, but haven't attempted it before. Looks fab though!

  3. I'm super impressed with your bunting. They look so super snazzy and of course each one will be different which I like. How would you feel if I borrowed this idea and made some too? If you would rather not then that's fine, I don't like to steal ideas. xo



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