Sunday, March 7, 2010


I kind of have guilt over these. Got them this morning at the markets. They verge on crap really. At first I spied a few cute homemade dresses and though Humph I could do something with these but as I dug deeper and deeper there were more clothes and then the dolls and before I knew it I was handing over the money and I wasn't thinking of my age or my space or what the hell I am I going to do with all this. Breathe.

He's an Allan doll. Never trust a fella who doesn't look you in the eye. I think the middle barbie is some kind of original old type. Her legs don't bend. The doll on the end is write orf although she has lovley eyelashes. I laundered the clothes today ( a mixed bag of homemade and factory made - nothing outsatanding. I will be doing repairs tonight and ironing through the week. Sad in a funny way.


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  1. rrr, I have commented twice already, this connection is crap. Very nice photography, Vogue Barbie. I knew it in my waters that you were looking at Barbies.



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