Saturday, March 20, 2010

In the pink

I am playing My Place & Yours at Hello Owl today and the theme is pink.
Well, I definately am not in the pink. I won't bore you all with the many little misfortunes that have dogged my life this week, but the climax came when the computer crashed and everything of mine was wiped from the hard-drive. Eventually we got everything back again...but it is the process of  it all. I feel like writing a blues song.

Maybe, I thought (with a cartoon light bulb appearing above  my head) the colour pink will bring me out of my miseries.

I had been racking my brains to think of what was pink around the house. "I am just not a pink person" I suggest to myself...until I look. Ye gods! There is pink everywhere. This is a pic of a sculpture I did a few years ago, placed just inside of the front door. And wait for it, I loved the colour so much, I painted the courtyard wall. It is the pink of Schiaparelli, of Kay Wendall in Funny Face, (Think pink) and my heroine, Barbie. Obviously I am not the pastel and fragile kind of pink gal, more the in your face, I'm pink and I'm proud  kind of chick.

That last sentence reads like I have so much vivacity and bravado, however, I confess to having an extended nana nap this arvo, after the rigours of the last couple of days. I hope everyone else had a better week than I, and that next week is even better.  xxNick

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